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TVXQ is number 1 in Taiwan

We all know that TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki has been topping the charts in Korea and Japan but now Taiwan? The G-music 2008 chart shows that TVXQ was number 1 for 2008 with "Mirotic." That's not all, they were also on the list again at number 6 with "T."

I don't know the significance of this because I don't know much about the Taiwanese music charts. To the Taiwanese fans, is this considered a great accomplishment? However, I do know that many TVXQ fans at DNBN are pretty excited about this. Regardless, congratulations to TVXQ. Thanks to cc for emailing the tip. Other credits: GMusic + chia@DNBN + fangirlmitz

TVXQ DBSK Tohoshinki top Taiwanese Music Chart


TVXQ Tops Oricon Weekly For the Fifth Time

TVXQ DBSK Tohoshinki

TVXQ has gone back to Japan again after just a few months of activities in their native Korea, and as soon as their plane landed, their newest single Bolero landed on the No.1 spot on the Oricon chart for the fifth time.

Personally, this is getting less exciting each time, as they just keep on breaking their own records. What is the fun in competing with themselves? As I understand it, the release date of their next single will coincide with that of Johnny's Entertainment pretty boy powerhouse KAT-TUN. Now that's some real competition to look forward to.

TVXQ has proven themselves as the indisputable top dog in Korea, and the No.1 foreign group in Japan, but will they stand a chance against their Japanese counter-part?

TVXQ DBSK Tohoshinki

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TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki member Jaejoong celebrated his 23rd (24 in Korea) birthday in Japan today. Here he is pictured with his cake: (Picture credit: Prettyhyun5 at Naver. jihye as tagged.)

Image Image Image

Happy Birthday!

Here is a translation of their interview in PINKY Magazine. Translations by pinkulemon at LiveJournal. You can view their photos in PINKY here.

Fan 1: I am also interested in the boy my best friend likes. We’re not dating, but we’ve been meeting up in secret and I feel guilty about it.

YH: Why Did I Fall In Love With You………..? (T/N: The title of their song, どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう 8D)
YC: Idiot~! Ahahaha!!!
JJ: *plainly* Men choose friendship over love!
YC: I’d give up on a girl if my best friend liked her, definitely.
JJ: I’d do something about it to make myself not fall in love with her. I’d look for all her bad points and give up.

PINKY: How about Junsu?

All: *burst out laughing*
JS: If I fell in love with her it would be a showdown! I would fight in order to obtain love.
YC: But isn’t love not something to do with who wins or who’s in the wrong?
JJ: That’s certainly true. For example, if I ended up falling in love with the girl Yoochun liked, I’d say, “Yoochun, I’m going to give up on her so you definitely have to give her happiness.” And then, if Yoochun broke up with her……I’d date her *laughs*! I’d say, “I’ll give you happiness in Yoochun’s place.”
CM: Huhhhh…*sighs* I’ve always thought this, but….if that person really was a best friend I was really close to, a BEST FRIEND (T/N: said in English), I would give up on her first.
JS: Changmin is really that type of guy!

PINKY: Everyone, have you had that kind of experience? Where you stole your friend’s girlfriend or something…Ah, you’re grinning!!

CM: Me?!?! No, not me! IT’S NOT ME!!
JS: No, there was, but he only realized after doing it…
CM: I’ve never told Junsu that……
CM: But he’s right…
JS: I know just by looking at your eyes…
YC: There was, there was something like that! The girl I liked had a boyfriend at first. When she broke up with him and was feeling really depressed, I started dating her myself!
YH: As for me, a long time ago, two months after I broke up with my girlfriend, my best friend started going out with her…

(The five members simultaneously start talking about their own stories)

PINKY: Um~ our reader’s problem…?

YH: I think it might be good for her to talk to her best friend honestly about what’s been going on. And I think she should confess to that guy about her feelings. If you like him that much, you should say so, after all. If not…it would be better for you to give up on him soon.
YC: He may not be the guy of your destiny.

Fan 2: My boyfriend was devoted to me at first, but recently he’s not been making any effort. How do I get him to go back to becoming the kind boyfriend he was when we first started dating?

JJ: IMAGE CHANGE! Even if it’s just the color of your hair it really changes a lot. And by doing so that really gets men interested.
CM: What if the girlfriend cheated on him?
All: OOOOOOOOOHH~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JS: It’s about giving your boyfriend a shock.
JJ: If your boyfriend doesn’t become kind to you even after you’ve gone that far, break up with him! It’d be good if by doing so, you became more and more beautiful.
JS: I understand this girl’s feelings a little, but I think it’s impossible for men to be able to perfectly satisfy women. I want her to understand that. I want all girls to understand that too, a little.
YH: If you keep on saying, “I want to see you, I want to see you,” men come to feel like running away. It’s a balance. When you’re dating aren’t there periods when you kind of want to be separated, when you want to come back together, all kinds? We give thoughts about us and our girlfriends serious consideration too. But men can’t say these things.
YC: I understand that!

Sasaki Nozomi, representative of the PINKY models: All of you who have been living together for so long, what is the trick to living well with someone who is not part of your family?

JJ: *points at a PINKY magazine* The same girl?! THE SAME GIRL?!?!
JS: You have to start by understanding everything, the best points and the worst points, of the person you’re staying with. If you have that, there’ll be no secrets between the two of you, and it’ll be easy for you to be together.
JJ: We’re lucky. Whether it’s the others’ personalities or their emotions we understand them very well, and the fact that the five of us have lived together for seven years, to be honest I think that’s a very difficult thing.
YC: But we each have our own private lives, don’t we?
JJ: Stuff like, “You absolutely cannot touch this.”
CM: Even if both parties don’t say anything, that’s something we understand.
JJ: On the contrary, right now, I think Tohoshinki would not be able to live separately. Everyone, you wouldn’t be able to, would you??
All: *nod*

Fan 3: I am completely unable to do so-called domestic chores, cooking, or anything a girl should be able to. Do men dislike girls like me?

JJ: You have to do them!
JS: It’s okay if you aren’t able to do them, but…
YH: It’d be a bigger plus if you did.
JJ: When you say you’re “unable”, do you mean you’re not good at it? Or is it that you just don’t do it?
JS: “I don’t want to do housework!” That’s no good.
JJ: Not good at all.
JS: If you’re still not good at it, or haven’t done it before, that’s completely okay.
CM: Please do it *laughs*.

PINKY: What would you all say to your girlfriends if they didn’t do the housework?

JJ: “Do a little hard work for me”, or “Give it a shot”. If I say that and she still doesn’t fix herself, it’d be the worst, I might even consider breaking up with her…
YH: I’d say, “I wanna eat this~”, or something with that kind of mood. “I really love motsunabe~♡” or something. (T/N: Motsunabe is hot pot with offal) This is just an example! I wouldn’t be able to say it firsthand.
YC: Anyway I think when you fall in love with someone, you naturally start to cook.
YH: If you meet someone you really love, your heart is moved.

Fan 4: I don’t have a good relationship with my parents. When I speak to them we do nothing but fight and I just can’t be obedient with them.

JJ: What if you drank sake with them?
JS: The most important thing is to create opportunities for you to talk.
All: *nod violently*
CM: But I think it’s all about your own intentions…
YC: You want to become obedient with them, don’t you? If you have that kind of heart, you’ll be alright.
YH: If you watch movies or play sports together, you’ll naturally be able to talk to them.
YC: A first date with your parents.
JJ: Night-time jogging or something.
All: *burst out laughing*
JJ: You naturally become able to talk while running.
CM: It might be good for you to live by yourself, be separated from them once. That’s one method. You will understand once you’re separated. That you have to treasure your parents after all.

Fan 5: My boyfriend is really a narcissist. He cares about nothing but his clothes and his hairstyle, and that’s really not manly.

All: *look at Jaejoong*
JJ: Caring about things like that…saying that’s not manly, isn’t that a little strange?? Aren’t there manly people who care about things like that??

PINKY: You’re rushing, aren’t you? *laughs*

JJ: I myself care about my clothes and stuff quite a lot…..

PINKY: You’re saying that caring about your clothes and not being a man are different things, right?

JJ: Right!!
JS: Huh……*sighs* Please break up with him…
YH: Please break up with him…
CM: Not being manly and being a narcissist have nothing to do with each other. If you really dislike that about him I’d want you to break up with him…
YC: If you really hate that part about him.
JJ: …But, that boyfriend might be strange………yeah.

PINKY: Why all of a sudden??

JJ: I thought about this question one more time….this guy is definitely a narcissist, who ISN’T manly. But there are QUITE a lot of narcissists who are!

PINKY: And who are you talking about here?!

All: *stare at Jaejoong for a short period again*
YC: This interview is fun.
JJ: That guy definitely, probably behaves like a girl, right?
JS: Because narcissism is an instinct to men, women have to accept this. Moreover that girl might have begun to date him based only on his appearance. You cannot date someone until getting to know his personality.

Fan 6: I was told by my parents that I have no sense of humour. What can I do in order to become someone who is called funny by others?

CM: Please follow Junsu’s example.
JS: There is one method. Whether it’s funny or not, you’re sort of telling a joke, right? Whether the person you’re telling it to laughs or doesn’t laugh…
YC: You yourself must ABSOLUTELY not laugh!
JS: Right! That way even if the other person doesn’t laugh, they won’t know you were trying to tell a joke.

PINKY: That’s an amazingly sneaky trick!!

JS: That is the point of comedy. That itself might be funny. But if you don’t laugh at that point, that is the end of everything!!
JJ: I am also bad at jokes……..
CM: I’m the same as well. I…am not very funny. So I don’t work hard to make people laugh.
All: You are funny! CHANGMIN!!
taken from allkpop

TVXQ / DBSK on Hey x 3


TVXQ / DBSK was on the January 26th episode of the popular Japanese show Hey! Hey! Hey! (Hey x 3). Hey x 3 had one of it's highest ratings the last time TVXQ / DBSK was on the show.

One of the other guests is a huge fan of TVXQ and was so starstruck when he was shaking their hands that he hurt his foot. Jaejoong also had a hot dog peeling contest with another female and the Japanese Barack Obama (comedian whose career was plummeting until one of his friends said he looks like Barack Obama). TVXQ also had a long interview, I didn't know what they were saying but looks like they were having fun. They also performed their new single Bolero.

article taken out from allkpop


For more videos:


More info on TVXQ’s Saipan Trip


A lot of you thought the Russian / Bulgarian girl was lying when she said that TVXQ was secretly filming a new MV in Saipan. Well, she's back with another blog post and this time she has some pictures for proof. Translation by: xietinloveshero, and Banana-chan:

Girls, are you still idling away?

I finally managed to find our Korean manager, Hee Jun, and got the record of DBSK's stay in our hotel from her. I didn't get all the records, but I tried my best...

Hee Jun said she didn't really like the boys when she first met them at the airport at 2am in the morning... she knew that they were tired after flying the entire night, and she was full of expectations. Yet stars/celebrities meant unpredictability and that they were different from others. You must know that the newspapers are plastered with news about celebrities behaving oddly.

But the next few days, through her observations of and interactions with them, her opinion towards singers changed completely. She commented that they were really cute, kind, happy and polite! The leader, Yunho, was her favourite as he conducted himself really well, was very kind and showed a lot of concern for the people around him, be it another DBSK member or a hotel staff. Yunho is indeed a true gentleman as she described him!

DBSK's schedule of 2 days has been revealed. They were initially headed for shooting in Hawaii, but the price of passes/visas to Hawaii increased by a large margin, they had to shoot somewhere closer. Thus they chose Saipan.

DBSK had actually been to Saipan 3 years ago for shooting, and again for a vacation, but they had stayed in another hotel. What made us really proud was that one of the members of DBSK told Hee Jun that they did not like the previous hotel at all, and thought that ours was great! They would also be back again, for the sole purpose of having a vacation.

The members spent nearly all their time working, and only managed to "steal" a little time for themselves after returning to the hotel. They were really tired after the schedule ended, yet they did not want to leave. The members also worked with a cheerful attitude no matter how packed the schedule was.

No mention about the white girls this time, I guess she was bashed too much on that... Anyways, I don't know much about Saipan but the weather looks nice in the pictures below.

The pictures of TVXQ / DBSK playing badminton and some guy (probably the manger) standing next to a nice car:

Image Image Image Image

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Subaru is made to be a sensational movie ever, no room allowed for failure.

To be released in early March in both Japan and Korea, the movie whose story is based on a popular manga with the same title by Masahito Soda, its production and also promotion has been carefully planned by the joint works from Korea, Japan, and one more country eventually added, Hong Kong.

Not enough for having South Korean best actress, Kuroki Meyisa to take the main role in this movie, another attempt from the production team is to have Tohoshinki, one of the best groups in Asia, appearing as cameo in one of Subaru scene as it’s shown in the official preview released a while ago.

Excellent director, excellent script, excellent casts, and moreover now–already revealed–mean-to-be excellent soundtrack.

The line up singers to fill the soundtrack of the movie is finally officially released. Subaru will have Tohoshinki, Koda Kumi, CSJH The Grace, and BoA to bring up their spotlight to shine on the official soundtrack.

Tohoshinki, who has just released their 25th Japan single in last January 21st–Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide in Tokyo, Japan–inserted one of the main song in the single, “Bolero” as it will be taken as the main song of Subaru. Next up, we have sexy Japanese diva Koda Kumi who is filling the soundtrack with her self-written lyrics ballad song entitled “Faraway“. CSJH The Grace is adding up the song list with their Japan song “Dear“, and finally Korean top solo star BoA will insert her U.S debut song “Eat You Up“, giving the last perfect touch to the soundtrack list.

It’s also confirmed that BoA’s agency (T/N: not mentioned whether it’s SM, AVEX, or her U.S agency) involved in co-producing the dance music scene in the Subaru movie.

Subaru’s production team seems to grab everything they have to make people turning their heads to them. If everything goes right, Subaru will easily reach the highest spot once it releases.

news written by: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Shared by: DBSKnights + ✖JAEDETTE✖@CSSPF


An Interview With Junsu's Dad On TVXQ

From The Boys KIMCHI magazine Jan2009 Issue


Interview with Mr.Kim on 2008/10/13

Kimchi: DBSK Mini concert showcase was very successful and there were tons of fans supporting DBSK. Did you guys (Dad+Mom+Junho) got a chance to go to this mini showcase?
Dad: Of course I went to the mini showcase at the City Hall and also went to MCountdown. There were fans from many countries, Taiwan, HongKong, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines. All over Asia.

Kimchi: How do you feel with this success?
Dad: I think DBSK has been promoted in many places and many ways that’s why we’ve got lots of support from the fans.


Kimchi: Junsu was away for 1 year and 7 months but people still think of them and have a good feedback for the 4th album very well. How do you feel?
Dad: I’m so glad that DBSK got good response from the fans. This album is on the top sold-out. We got very good feedback from Korean fans. They like this funny funky album.


Kimchi: DBSK is very outstanding and sexy in this album *Now Mr.Kim is laughing* and we, girls , so love this album. What do you think?
Dad: *laughs* Actually it’s the 5th year of DBSK and the boys have grown up so when the fans see DBSK like this. It could help their blood go up and down very well.

Kimchi: Exactly, but what did your wife say?
Dad: Mom thinks the same way too , we dont know what the fans think but both of us think they look all right, showing of their body for excitement only.

Kimchi: Junho is preparing to be the actor too. How is he doing now?
Dad: Junho is practicing and learning now cuz it’s not easy to join this media industry you know.

Kimchi: We’d like to tell Junho that Thai fans are waiting to see Junho on TV and supporting him too.
Dad: I’d like to thank to the fans too *smiles at the camera*

Kimchi: Junho seems to be shy. Is he shy?
Dad: All of my sons are shy.


Kimchi: At The boys kimchi office, not only you, your wife, junho got attention, it’s Xiahki too cuz lots of fans have been asking about Xiahki.
Dad: Oh Xiahki, when Junsu was busy I look after Xiahki for him.

Kimchi: When Junsu was away, did Xiahki miss him?
Dad: Normally Junsu doesn’t take him out away so he’s used to being at home.

Kimchi: How about HoKi?
Dad: Hoki is a leader dog (the dog that is trained to lead the blinds) so now he’s being trained, when he’s back i expect him to be more calm down.

Kimchi: We’ve heard mom really like singing. Is there any special DBSK song that mom likes to sing or the song that both of you like to sing together?
Dad: We really like singing but we dont have time to go to Karaoke lately. When we go, we like to sing the song called Number 18, it’s a fun dance song.

Kimchi: When is the next time Junsu gonna come at this shop so that we can manage the right time to visit Korea?
Dad: Last Sept Junsu just visited this place. I cant tell you exactly when but when he got a free time he always comes.

Kimchi: Let’s talk about Pizza. Wouldn’t you like to make a new pizza topping to Thai food? For example Thai red curry or even coconut top *laugh*
Dad: I think it would be difficult since we’re franchise, we gotta deal with the main Misarang Imdilcheeze original place in order to change anything.

Kimchi: Please say something to the Thai fans
Dad: So far DBSk haven’t visited Thailand that often but we still got lots of supports and gifts from Thai fans. I really appriciate that. Daddy wants Thai fans to be healthy and see you guys real soon. Thank you very much (speaking in Thai).


FLASH BACK (Hope all u guys know about this concert being postponed to 2009/02/07).

Kimchi: Next month SMTOWN’08 Live in bangkok is gonna be held on 2008/11/29. Do you have any plan for it?
Dad: I’d like to go ride the elephant in Pattaya

Kimchi: So SMTOWN’08 is not gonna be postponed like the ULSAN concert?
Dad: MBC at Ulsan is already canceled. This should not happen but it’s not like SM doesn’t wanna go , it’s more like the organizer problem. For Thailand I think if there’s nothing wrong, the concert will be held. Would you like to see my traveling schedule? *showing it to us* I’d fly to Bangkok on 26 and gonna go to Pattaya on 27 and 28 to the grand palace then 29 is the concert day and fly back home afterward. I’d be staying at Siam Heritage hotel near Sathorn road.

Kimchi: But we’re not sure if the concert is gonna happen in Thailand or not.
Dad: I think it’s depends on the organizerand yeah we all know it’s been postponed to 2009/02/07.

At the end The Boys Kimchi made a game for Mr.Kim to select how his future daughter-in-law is gonna be based on Thai female stars.

(It was showed picture by picture so please click the links.)


source: sharingyoochun
credit: Kimchi Magazine Jan 2009 Issue + Ivanne@AF
translated by: sharingyoochun


TVXQ Picture Overload!

This article is more clicking / seeing than reading. Check out pictures of TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki in 3 Japanese Magazines: APPEAL+ING Magazine, Ray Magazine, and PINKY Magazine.

APPEAL+ING Magazine Credits: Murasaki-Hashidoi + 2uAngels:

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Ray Magazine - March Issue 09 Credits: xietinloveshero.blogspot.com

Image Image Image

PINKY Magazine Credits: ichigo + alwaysjj:

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image